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Aix quick referenceAutomatically add xauth coockie and DISPLAY env when su over ssh
Cgminer API python client for bash and shell script for profiling when system is idleClear all iptable rules and allow everythingCreate SSL CA for Apache
Curl send xmlDirect USB vinyl PCM2900 to speakers with pulseaudio pacat without delayDynamically arragne and check nameservers for resolv.conf
Fglrx build on kubuntu 14.04Firefox over sshFixing badly encoded utf-8 files
Fork current process into the backgroundForward keyboard and mouse over sshHP Data Protector installation on qnap TS-X69U
How to recover and sort photos from a broken disk or deleted photosIntegrating CK editor to your webJavascript: Geting image width from a newly created object
Kubuntu Radeon HD 5850 fglrx dual monitor setupLVM NotesLinux shell make gif animation from jpg images
Linux with 2 monitors and HD TVLitecoin minerd startup and idle detection script in bash for linuxMain Page
Make full tar copy of entire linux machineManaging your personal photos and videosMysql Notes
Oracle DBA quick reference notesPulse audio increase decrease toggle volume from shell consolePut-an-already-running-process-under-nohup
SSHFS how-to set up for best performanceSSH proxySSH remote host identification has changed
SSH reverse tunnelScript to copy permissions from one server to antoher even if gid and uid are differentSecure apache web server quickly
Sort resolv.conf by fastest nameserver and remove not working onesTail dmesgTcpdump to wireshark over SSH
Urandom WikiUseful linux commands in console
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